Poems from Sixth Grade Style Queen (Not!)



A lot of the time

I feel like I must be adopted

or my brain got wired wrong

or I’m secretly an alien

(but they didn’t tell me).


I don’t fit

in my family

or at school,

I have friends

but sometimes even they

think I’m weird.


I say dumb things

I wear stupid clothes

I can’t make my hair behave

some days the whole world

looks wrong to me.


I wish the space ship

would come back

and collect me.





Natalie and I used to wear

our Demons beanies

and go to the footy

with Dad


now it’s just me

Dad gives me his scarf

and off we go

even though the forecast

is for sleet


‘we’re tough,’ says Dad

my bum aches

my feet go numb

Dad buys me a hot pie

that burns my tongue

a man shouts

in my ear

for two hours

but our team wins

and Dad and I

are happy.




some kids have been friends

since kindergarten

but Emily and me

are new


Emily arrived

on the first day this year

she sits next to me

in class

we pair up

for projects

sometimes we go

to each other’s house

we talk a lot


but I see Emily

watching Melissa

and I wonder

whose best friend

she wants to be.




I look cool

in these glasses

in the mirror

I am tinted




Natalie said

my old glasses

made me look like

a bogong moth

big black orbs

instead of eyes


now I’m cool

lizard cool

beetle cool

cool insect

that’s me.





one day I realise

shouting is

all I hear


Mum shouts at Dad

Dad shouts at Mum

Natalie shouts at

both of them


then everyone sulks

and I’m too scared

to say anything

I watch a lot

of TV.